About Us

Lynx Bioscience founded by leading translational “OMICS” technology expertise

Lynx Bioscience is one of the few companies that can offer integrated  “OMICS”  services in  drug discovery for clients all over the world. Talented and well-trained scientists are working closely with each other to realize the goal of our customers. Our services range from target identification and validation, hit identification, hit to lead, lead optimization to the investigational new drug (IND), and are subdivided into numerous details. Our dedicated scientists can undertake the entire discovery pipeline but also pleased to offer specific customized services based on clients’ requirements.

Lynx Bioscience is adhering the customer first and goal-oriented concept to serve our global clients with the most reliable and qualified results.

Lynx Bioscience founded by leading translational “OMICS” technology expertise and researchers, who devote themselves to conduct research in  wide variety of diseases. We believe the establishment of a custom-service-centered business model for optimizing the drug development process. Our commitment motivates us to deliver our clients the best quality results to further promote the progress of biotech/pharmaceutical industries  and non-profit academic institutions.

Lynx Bioscience has organized professionals at PhD-level research teams, built up a series of state-of-the-art technique platforms and become one of the well-recognized service providers all over the world.

Lynx Bioscience has demonstrated reliable expertise and capability in biotech/pharmaceutical market and expanded our custom services to the full pipeline of drug discovery and development to industries. Our scientists are pleased to facilitate the R&D projects of our customers by providing the most comprehensive services from early discovery to clinical trials.

If you are interested in any of our services or planning to discover your own drug and to know mechanism of your drug using unbiased omics technologies, please feel free to contact us.